About Us

The Black Storytellers Alliance (BSA) is a non profit organization dedicated to assisting the community in finding the information that it needs about the power of the oral tradition as practiced by African people in the Diaspora. Our mission is to maintain the art of storytelling as a primary source for positive instruction and reinforcement of the rich beauty embodied in the telling of “the story!”


On these pages you will find a few of the many Master Storytellers across the USA and Canada who have made that mission an avocation. We’ll put the news (the story) in this place and refer you to where others may be found.

Our Supporters

The Minnesota Humanities Center connects our past, present, and future by bringing people together to increase understanding and spark change.

MRAC improves arts access for communities in the seven-county metropolitan area through support to artists and organizations.

MSAB’s mission is to “advance the interest of the arts, develop the influence of art in education, and promote and encourage the performing and fine arts in Minnesota.”

“We are committed to fair and just opportunities and outcomes for all people.”