Imani Kwanzaa 2022 Multi Color Pattern

IMANI (Faith)
To believe with all of our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, & the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

The Symbol for IMANI is a combined effort of two Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) Symbols (1) The Ankh - which symbolizes life, & (2) The Djed Pillar - Symbolizing stability & endurance. IMANI symbolizes steadfastness in our commitment to the good, the right, & the beauty in life.

IMANI is a profound and enduring belief in and commitment to all that is of value to us as a family, community, people & culture.

IMANI (Faith) is put forth as the last principle and UMOJA (Unity) as the first principle of KWANZAA for a very definite reason. Unity (UMOJA) brings us together & harnesses our strength, but faith in each other, the good, the right, and the beautiful inspires and sustains the community to work together and trust in one another - UBUNTU - I am because we are. Without unity we cannot begin our most important work, but without faith we cannot sustain it.

IMANI begins with a belief in the creator and the alignement with the divine plan. We are made in the image of the creator and thus we are capable of righteousness and creativity through self mastery & development in the context of positive support.

The measure of our progress as a race is in precise relation to the depth of faith in our people held by our leaders.