Nia Kwanzaa 2022 Multi Color Pattern

Nia (Purpose)
To make our collective vocation the building & developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness

The Hieroglyph "Nfer" (Nefer)is an Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) symbol of "Beauty & Goodness"

Nia is a commitment to the collective building, developing & defending of our community (Culture & History) regaining our historical greatness as people that add to the good, beauty, & well-being of the world. Our role in human history has been and remains key to the balance of our collective human humanity.

Nia reminds us that we carry the legacy of being the fathers & mothers of humanity, human civilization, & basic human morality. We are the csutodians as well as the heirs to a great civilization. To inherit is to receive a legacy, place adequate value on & make the traditions part of one's life as custodians of the great legacy is to guard, preserve, expand & promote it. We honor this legacy by building on & expanding it and in turn, leaving it even more enriched for the future generations to come. We have made & must continue to make significant contributions to human history.

Nia is based on the promise that in order to restore African-American people to our former greatness, we must be committed to building, developing, & defending our national/ international community.

Inheriting the principle of Nia is the tracing of our civilizational origins to Africa.

Nia is being the best one can be while promoting cultural awareness throughout the community.