Nothando Zulu Storytelling Institute

This program is designed to honor the memory and legacy of Nothando Zulu - Well-known Master Storyteller and honored member of the North Minneapolis community as an educator and mentor to countless youth.

This program is a culturally rich program blending the craftsmanship of drum building, power of spoken word, and the enchantment of storytelling. This interdisciplinary endeavor not only celebrates the ancient traditional rhythms of the Djembe and Dunun, but also weaves the oral narratives of African & Minneapolis history resonated through spoken word and the art of storytelling.

GOAL: Expanding and deepening the impact of authentic storytelling of formerly enslaved African Americans under the guidance of Master Storytellers, Djembefola, & Spoken word artists

NZSI offers three 6-week courses for participants:

i. Storytelling - Capturing the stories of selected little known - but impactful - Twin Cities African Americans through the wisdom of Minneapolis Elders and Master Storytellers

ii. Spoken Word - Introduction to acquiring the skill of Spoken Word artistry under the guidance of Master Spoken word Artists

iii. Drum Whisperings - An introduction to playing African drums and the history of this ancient instrument under the guidance of Master Djembefola.