Kuumba Kwanzaa 2022 Multi Color Pattern

Kuumba (Creativity)
To always do as much as we can, in the way that we can, in order to leave our community more beneficial than we inherited it.

The symbol for Kuumba is known as "The Seven Vibrations of Divine Creation" from the Dogon and represents "Creativity"

Kuumba is a commitment to being creative within the context of the national community vocation of restoring our people to their traditional greatness leaving our community more beneficial than we inherited it.

Kuumba has both a social & spiritual dimension. It is deeply rooted in the social & sacred teachings of African societies. "Created" does not simply imply or mean "made out of nothing" for it is clearly not the case as the principles of KWANZAA are grounded in African continental roots.

Our creativity is a creative restoration & renewal in both the Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) & African American Nile Valley sense of practice. It is as restoring of that which was in ruins or disuse in many parts of Africa while simultaneously seeking to make it more beautiful & beneficial than it was before (interrelated principles of restoration & progressive perfection).

Progressive perfection is a Kawaida concept that assumes our ability & obligation to strive always to leave what one inherits (legacy, community, family business, Church, etc.) more beautiful and beneficial than it was before leaving a legacy which builds on & enriches the legacy that stood before you. It is a KEY component to our generational responsibility.

Kuumba reminds us of the Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) teaching that if we wish to live for eternity, we must BUILD for eternity by doing great works, serving our communities in real sustainable and meaningful ways (socially & morally).

All of us cannot and will not build great works, but we all can serve & that in itself can lead to greatness. Servanthood is to do that which is of value forever. A people called forth by it's works will not die, for their names will be raised because of it as a by product of servanthood to the people.