Ujima Kwanzaa 2022 in Multi Color Design

UJIMA (Collective Work & Responsibility)
To build & maintain our community together, to make the problems of our community ALL of our problem in the community with the goal that we each do our part to solve the problem together

The symbol of Ujima is the "Akoma Ntoaso" The Adinkra symbol of shared effort & obligation

Ujima is a commitment to active & informed togetherness on matters of common interest

Ujima is the recognition and respect that without collective work & struggle, progress is impossible & liberation unrealistic

Ujima supports the fundamental assumption that "African" is not just an identity, but rather a destiny, duty, & responsibility. Because our collective identity in the long run is our collective future.

It is our obligation as self-conscious & committed beings to shape our future with our own minds, bodies, & spirits so that we can share hardships and benefits together.

Practicing Ujima means we accept the fact that we are collectively responsible for our failures, setbacks, victories, & achievements (Globally, but also nationally, familial, organizational, etc.)

We must be vigorous in our self-criticism & self-correction measuring against the cultural & historical identity that we carry.

Ujima highlights cooperation - based on the assumption that what one does to benefit others also benefits him/her/themselves

Personal & collective work is the fundamental activity by which we create ourselves, define & develop ourselves, and confirm ourselves as individuals & as a people. (The act of creating culture & making history)