BSA founded Karamu (Swahili for a "Place of joyous gathering") in 2008 on an urban parcel of land owned by Legacy Village Townhomes. BSA successfully negotiated a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the owner the late Brother Archie Givens.

The goals set forth were:

1) Karamu is a communal garden
2) There will be No ownership of individual plots
3) All produce is free to community residents regardless of they worked in the garden or not.
4) No produce from the Karamu Garden may be sold
5) Any community resident may work in Karamu and learn proper farming techniques free of charge

Our primary responsibility for Karamu is securing seedlings/plants and water for Karamu so that community residents may use the Storytelling/meeting space in a manner that is respectful of the Karamu Garden and surrounding neighborhood at no charge.

Karamu Community Garden is located at:
1600 Plymouth Ave. N, Minneapolis, Minnesota

For more info Contact: